Fall Fashion – Must Haves

I love fall! The weather is finally perfect – it’s not too hot and not too cold. What I love about fall is that I can have a warm cup of tea in the morning and an iced coffee in the afternoon. Clearly, I’m very excited that I can finally wear my weather appropriate clothes. I’ve put together a list of “Must Haves” to survive fall and look cute at the same time.

Fall Must Haves:

  • Camel Colored Wool Coat: The color of these coats makes them very versatile. I can throw it over a casual dress or pair it with professional attire. My coat (pictured above) is wool with a shell lining so it keeps me warm but I won’t overheat in it.
  • Quilted, Down Vest: These vests are great by themselves or for layering. There have been times where I’ve worn it with a long sleeve sweater or under my coat for extra warmth. I love Lilly Pulitzer’s vest because they have a fun pop of color on the inside. Another plus is that they are lightweight and pack into the inside pocket (perfect for traveling).
  • Flannel: I prefer a classic looking flannel (red) to other colors. They are a staple for fall fashion! You can dress them up and dress them down. In the pictures above, I paired the flannel with a velvet skirt, boots, and a statement necklace for a dinner. Today, I’m wearing the same flannel with jeans and moccasins for class.
  • Statement Knee High Socks: Since its boot season, you will need boot socks anyway. What I love about statement socks is that they complete your outfit. Most people don’t realize that boot socks always peak over the top of your boots so why not have ones that actually match your outfit?
  • Knee High Boots: Boots are always a great investment. You can wear them with almost any outfit and for any season. I swear by Clarks boots because they are so comfortable and such great quality. I’ve had my Clarks for about a year and wear them at least 2-3 times a week. They’re still in great condition!
  • Knit Headwrap: No one likes cold ears! These headwraps keep my ears so warm without over heating me or giving me hat hair. Forever21 has reasonably priced wraps so I would recommend picking up a couple of colors that you can switch between outfits. Once it gets a little chillier in the morning, I will definitely be rocking these.
  • Blanket Scarfs: Blanket scarfs are very chic for fall. The great thing about these scarves are that you can wear them in at least 20 ways! Imagine how much use you can get out of one scarf. On top of that, there are so many colors in the scarf that you can match them with nearly anything in your closet. Why wouldn’t you buy one of these?

These are just a few fall must haves for the season! Feel free to share what else you think is perfect for fall!

xoxo, Kaval

Mehndi (Henna) Hack – Flash Tattoos!

I don’t know about you, but I’m not so great with doing my mehndi for special occasions. A straight line becomes a wiggly line and a heart suddenly becomes a blob. The struggle is real.  

Last year I started seeing gold and silver temporary tattoos in almost every store. They become more popular as music festivals passed by. Soon enough, these flash tattoos were all the rage. I took advantage of their popularity and started buying them in bulk as soon as I saw them on sale.

Flash tattoos come on sheets with various metallic designs. Most people use them for arm bands and wrist bands. However, I started cutting tattoo into shapes that fit the typical “look”of mehndi (see picture above).

The great things about these tattoos are that they are quick to apply, catch everyone’s attention, and there is minimal room for messing up. I wore them last year for Eid and more recently for a friend’s wedding. All the aunties were making comments and all the girls started showing up with them at the next occasion.

I definitely recommend them as a fashion and beauty statement. In the future, I am hoping to mix traditional with modern in using both the flash tattoos and mehndi to create an awesome fusion.

xoxo, Kaval