L.A. Murals – Colette Miller (Angel Wings) and Retna [Fun Murals in LA]

This summer I decided to explore L.A. I had heard about the gorgeous murals scattered throughout the city so my best friend and I decided to see a couple.

The first mural, “Angel Wings” by Colette Miller is located at 8401 W. 3rd St. (at S. Orlando Avenue), Beverly Grove. They are painted on the side of St. Regis Wine & Liquor. It was very easy to find! What I love about these wings are the colors Miller used – evoking a fairytale feeling for me. The wings are part of the Global Angel Wings Project, reminding us that we are all angels of this earth. Many more wings are located all over the world! A simple tag search on Instagram for “angel wings” will help you find all the other locations. My goal is to see as many of the wings as I can. They have such a beautiful message! Check out @colettemillerwings on Instagram!

The second mural, by Retna (Marquis Lewis), is located at 8826 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood. The mural is right next to Craig’s Restaurant. This mural was amazing to look it. You can’t see from the picture, but the black paint has glitter in it! I was mesmerized looking at the mural (hence why I’m not looking at the camera). Like the wings, Retna’s murals can be found everywhere. According to LAist, this is what Lewis had to say about the meaning of the murals: “There’s a verbal element. It could be a poem, it could be just stuff that I’m thinking about, for me it’s just a very meditative process; I’m just having a conversation with myself. Sometimes I allow the music to influence what I’m writing. A lot of them are names my mom would call me when I was growing up, and some are things I’m talking about, friends who have passed away—they’re interactions with what’s going on with people who I just meet, or a conversation I just had. I hear a word or a phrase or a dialogue, and then that becomes my response. They all say something”. Amazing! I can’t wait to see more of Retna’s murals. Check out @ironeyeretna on Instagram!

There are so many more murals to see in L.A.! I can’t wait to share some more with you!

xoxo, Kaval